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Video Production
Short courses

Want to upskill but don’t have the time or resource to go to University?
These short courses in Video Production are for you.

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Upskill your resume with short courses in video production.

These courses can be completed by anyone and don’t require an previous experience.

  • Taught by experts working in the film, media & television industry
  • Self Paced
  • Video Tutorials

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Taught by experts working
in a working
Television Production House

4BMedia’s focus is to pioneer and lead in the accessing of TV in developing nations, helping media ministries to maximize their reach and utilise local support services. These markets represent two-thirds of the world population.

As an extension of 4B Media, the largest Christian media company in Australia, we corporately have a focus on serving the needs of our clients through integrated strategies and innovative solutions.

4B Media works through broadcast and interactive media to connect with new markets, to new people, in new ways.

4B Media has been operating for over 7 years and is a key member of the Christian Media industry of Australia working alongside the Australian Christian Channel and other international television channels.

We have recognised our world is changing. It’s getting smaller, yet more complex.

A fundamental shift is happening in the way that media is being created, distributed, but most importantly, consumed. We are passionate about training up the next generation of media creators to leave a significant imprint on their world.

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