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4B College aims to provide practical and professional education in Screen & Media with a focus on skills based hands-on training in a comprehensive and holistic manner.

The college is based within a working production house environment. This means that all our tutors are all actively involved in ongoing professional productions and have a passion to teach the next generation the skills to propel them into screen and media careers.

Students will have the opportunity to write, produce, direct their own project, collaborate on other students’ projects, and participate in professional productions alongside their instructors.

Our course covers all areas of screen and media, from pre-production planning, to filming those perfect shots, post-production and bringing the entire process together for your final thesis film.

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But Why an Online College?

4B College is expanding! We are very excited to announce that the in-depth content and professional media industry teaching of the 4B Screen and Media Diploma is now available online, wherever you are in the world.

The film industry has changed drastically, and so we’ve created a course that’s not only relevant for the new digital landscape, but gives anyone in the world the opportunity to fit their study around their lives.

But, even though we’re online, we’ve made sure that our Tutors are readily accessible. As they provide video tutorials, online discussions and in-depth feedback, you’ll feel supported and encouraged in your studies.

Situated Inside a Real Television Production House

4BMedia’s focus is to pioneer and lead in the accessing of TV in developing nations, helping media ministries to maximize their reach and utilise local support services. These markets represent two-thirds of the world population.

As an extension of 4B Media, the largest Christian media company in Australia, we corporately have a focus on serving the needs of our clients through integrated strategies and innovative solutions.

4B Media works through broadcast and interactive media to connect with new markets, to new people, in new ways.

4B Media has been operating for over 7 years and is a key member of the Christian Media industry of Australia working alongside the Australian Christian Channel and other international television channels.

We have recognised our world is changing. It’s getting smaller, yet more complex.

A fundamental shift is happening in the way that media is being created, distributed, but most importantly, consumed. We are passionate about training up the next generation of media creators to leave a significant imprint on their world.

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Got Questions? We’ve Got The Answers.

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How do I apply for the Diploma of Screen and Media?

4B College is partnering with Alphacrucis College to deliver the Diploma of Screen and Media. You can enrol directly here. And of course if you need any help at all, our 4B College admissions can assist you with the application process.

Do I need experience in media to do the Diploma of Screen and Media?

Not at all! 4B College is ready to train you in all aspects of Media production, not matter what your experience.

Is the course theory based or hands on training?

The Diploma of Screen and Media course is designed with the students different learning styles in mind and delivered not only through theory in class, but through practical, hands on sessions. Students will be involved in all aspects of media production from writing their owns scripts to setting up and overseeing their own film shoots.

Are there exams and assessments?

Yes. Students are required to sit exams and submit assessments according to the units outcomes however the diploma is designed to be hands on.

What assessments will I be required to do during the media course?

Students will be assessed on various aspects of media production. From developing story lines and pitching ideas, to producing short films and directing performers.

Do I need to submit a showreel or sample of work with my application?

Students do not need to provide any supporting evidence, however if you have some available you are welcome and encouraged to provide these. This helps us to understand our students better so we can provide the best training for them.

How can I provide my showreel?

You can upload your showreel to youtube or vimeo and attach the link in your application letter.

Do I need experience with Media and film equipment to do well in this course?

A competent level of computer skill is necessary for this course. Students do not need prior training with film equipment as we cater for all levels of experience.

What equipment do I need for the media course?

It would be extremely beneficial to have access to a manual video camera, however, if you are unable to attain this, a smartphone camera will suffice. You will also need a computer that can run the required software.

What software programs will students using during the media course?

Students will be using the Adobe Creative Suite including After Effects, Premiere, Story as well as Final Cut 7 editing software.

I want to make films, not television. Will this course suit my needs?

Students will cover all aspects of media production during the course. This is an important part of learning the trade skills necessary to transfer into any media profession.

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